WordPress Help

Getting started with the WordPress

*Please note that each time you make a post for an assignment, you will need to select the title of that assignment as the category for your post (i.e. select Gilgamesh as category if posting for Lesson 1 Discussion question assignment). Watch the videos below and this will make more sense!!

Username, Password, Login


You need to enter your username, password and then click the login button. Your username should be your UA email address without the “@alaska.edu”. Your should have received an email with your password.



This is the WordPress dashboard which gives you an overview of content you have written or are allowed to edit for the class blog. On the left hand side of the screen is a blue link labeled ‘Posts’. Do it.

Creating a New Post


After you have clicked the ‘Posts’ link from your Dashboard, you’ll see some ‘Add New’ links show up, both in the left hand links and near the top of the dashboard page. Click either one, they both take you to the next screen.

Editing, Required Elements, Publishing


This is the post editing screen. There is a lot to do here, but for now all you need to know is four things in order to create your first post:

  1. Your post needs a title. It should be short, yet descriptive. If you have written headlines for newspapers this will be easy for you.
  2. Your post needs words, phrases, conjunctions and stuff. The text of your post goes in the content area.
  3. Your post needs a category. By default it will be listed as ‘uncategorized’. Click on the check box which matches the week you are posting your response to.
  4. After you are satisfied with the content of your post, click on the blue ‘publish’ button on the right hand side.