Grading Rubric

The following rubric will guide me when grading your discussion posts. 

Discussion Posts

  • If your posts are not properly categorized then they will not be graded.
  • You are highly encouraged to expand your discussion question answers to include all the material assigned for that lesson.


10 Points (A)

Exhibits deep analysis without excessive summary; integrates direct quotes that pertain to the argument being made; is well-formatted and grammatically correct; makes relevant use of multimedia, such as videos, photos, and links to educational websites; references other posts and/or the ideas of authors who have written on the assigned text. The author, confident with his or her knowledge, has fun with the assignment.

8-9 Points (B)

Displays structural knowledge of the text; contains few formatting errors; employs quotes from the text; makes interesting use of multimedia; perhaps disregards some grammar rules but is clearly written and attempts to concretize.

7-8 Points (C)

Scant analysis; cumbersome use of multimedia and quotes. These posts are written by students who read most of the text, but not all of it; or by students who read the text, but did not think critically about what they were engaging. Posts such as these often try to make up for this deficiency by sounding deep but end up stumbling over their own generalizations.

6-7 Points (D)

Dull analysis comprised of third-rate platitudes; too much summary; no direct quotes; awkward diction and imprecise language; repeats concepts gleaned from other student’s posts.

0-6 Points (F)

A few bland sentences tossed off at the final minute before the assignment was due; no analysis; refers only in a vague and general manner to the text; instills the instructor with doubt as to whether or not the student even read the text; not well-formatted; grammatically incorrect; egregious use of multimedia so as to fill out the post in order to make it appear longer.

Essay Exam Answers

The rubric for grading the answers to essay questions on the exams, also worth ten points, in nearly identical to the above rubric. The differences are slight. I will disregard multimedia and replace that concentration with a greater scrutiny on clarity and analysis. Compose all answers in word–and save them–before posting them in blackboard.