Discussion 15

Discussion 15

The Demon represents King Shahrayar. The demon is set on punishing someone because of his imprisonment by Solomon. This correlates with the King wanting to punish his future wives based upon the action of his first wife.

The fisherman represents Shahrazad. Both are clever and use stories and wit to halt their deaths.

The enchanted lake and cave represent the way that the King is imprisoned in his own anger and need for revenge. The prince that is half man and half rock represents the king locked into his own anger and is unable to move forward in life because he is so weighed down by the anger.

I was also real interested in trying to find out how the number four played into everything. Four times to cast the net, four fish, 400 payment….. I would appreciate anyone’s thought on this.

2 thoughts on “Discussion 15

  1. sxkristoffersen

    I wonder if the contents reference to 4 has to do with it being an even number, and thus representing perfectness. I don’t know, but great catch on that one. Good call about the characters using their clever story telling to halt their deaths like the other story.

  2. megkwag

    I wonder what the significance of the number four is too. I’ve always heard “third time is a charm.” Maybe it does have something to do with it being an even number. I never took notice to any of that!

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