Devi; Marquez; Saadawi; Silko

1. What I got out of the story is that both the Jell-O and the beef represent time in the story. When she gets home the Jello-O comes into the story and is talked about in and is meant to be more in the present of times rather than the beef. The beef was meant to represent the past when the tales of the past were being told. Both of the foods are symbols that were mentioned to represent something more than just food.

2. To be honest, I did not like him as a character in this story and surely would not want to have him as my father. There were multiple times in the story where he would not stand behind what he would say and also was not fully there for his daughter. He was a hypocrite and a pitiful person. The way he would change his actions towards her depending on what kind of thing she did was the determining factor on how he felt about her.

3.  The importance of the title  “Death Constant Beyond Love’ is that death is going to happen no matter what to a person. So when a person is in love or loves someone else, death will happen. The senator is told that he only has a certain time left to live which then he falls in love with a younger women. This right here represents the title that even though he fell in love, it cannot out due the fact that he is going to die.