DQ 14

1. The stolen beef and the jello have nothing in common. I the Yellow Woman the beef is used a a device to drive the plot of the story and leads to a death. While in contrast the jello is a background device that is used as part of an imagined scene of the main characters family. Each of these foods is used in the story but how they are used is so different that beyond them both being sources of food they have no other links.

2. Lelia’s father is someone who is stunned by what happened to his daughter but instead of trying to take any sort of action that could lead to a positive result he just shuts down. This paints him as a pathetic character. Giving the central character nothing more than a further method of tearing herself down after her rape.

3. The title Death Constant Beyond Love is basically a foreshadowing device that gives away the ending of the story. While at the same time it also describes the rest of the story showing that its going to be about love. So basically you can get the entire message that the author is telling just by glancing at the title.

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  1. megkwag

    I liked opinion of Lelia’s father! You’re absolutely right about him just shutting down. That’s exactly what I thought too!

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