Discussion Questions 14 — Devi; Marquez; Saadawi; Silko

  1. In Silko’s “Yellow Woman,’ what do the stolen beef and the Jell-o have in common? How do these elements break the prevailing mood?

It would seem to me that in Silko’s “Yellow Woman” the stolen beef and Jell-o both are used to represent ages both modern and long past. The beef represents a time without modern conveniences, while the Jell-o represents the modern age full of convenience and luxuries.  I believe the use of both of these separates the tale from being either a folksy story or a modern tale. Both the stolen meat and the Jell-o play important roles in differentiating the past from the present.

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  1. After reading Saadawi’s “In Camera,’ how do you feel about Leila Al-Fargani’s father? Upon what evidence do you base your judgement?

It is hard to make a judgment on a father who is acting in society norms I do not understand or have not experienced. Although I will say I do believe that a father would not let the things that happened in this story happen to their daughter. Her father seems to be conforming to the norms of his society, overall it seemed he loved his daughter but not more than the fear of dishonor that drove his existence.

  1. What is the importance of the title of the story “Death Constant Beyond Love’? What does it tell us about the stories central thematic concerns?

Explained in the opening text the title is a play on the title of the poem “Love Constant Beyond Death”, the play on words is used to convey that death is constant above all even love. In the story the Senator is diagnosed terminal and is faced with death, and finds that love is fleeting and death will still be there. A sad tale but realistic, loves may come and go, but in the end death waits for us all. So love as much as you want and prepare to die only once.

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  1. gpetrie

    First off I like the picture of jell-o, it’s very colorful lol. Also I strongly agree with what you said about a father shouldn’t let the horrible things happen to their daughter as the father let happen to his daughter in this story.

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