Discussion Questions 14 — Devi; Marquez; Saadawi; Silko

Discussion Questions 14 — Devi; Marquez; Saadawi; Silko

  1. In Silko’s “Yellow Woman,’ what do the stolen beef and the Jell-o have in common? How do these elements break the prevailing mood?

The stolen beef and the Jello signify a turning point in the story. When Silva is taking care of the stolen beef a suspenseful gloomy mood its felt throughout the story. Yellow Women is uneasy about how she feels towards Silva, but she finds her self drawn to him. The scene with the Rancher and Silva, where we are left with little details of what happens, we are not to sure what to think of Silva. The Jello signifies the turning point in which the Yellow Woman makes it home to her family where her mother was teaching her grandmother how to make jello. This part of the story is when the Yellow Women feels relief she had made it home to her family. The Yellow Women wished she could have shared her story with her grandfather who loved the Yellow Women stories the best


  1. After reading Saadawi’s “In Camera,’ how do you feel about Leila Al-Fargani’s father? Upon what evidence do you base your judgement?

As her father sat in the court room, he sat with honor and joy to be able to say Leila Al-Fargani was his daughter and she bared his name. He was very proud of his daughter and her political stand against the ruler. He expresses how he suffered the same pain and torture with his daughter each day. He feels that he should share the joy of his daughter’s heroic choices and reward. Once the judge leaves the court room, her father over heard the rumors that were spread of the tortures his daughter endured by being raped by ten men. He immediately felt ashamed and new his daughter should have stayed out of politics. He felt it was best for them both to be dead.

In their culture Leila-Fargani’s fathers feelings can be justified by the way he felt after what he heard in the court room. If her heroism was good enough to be shared with her father, her shame was to be shared with him as well.

  1. What is the importance of the title of the story “Death Constant Beyond Love’? What does it tell us about the stories central thematic concerns?

The titles importance signifies that love may come and go but death remains permanent. The title is the foundation to the stories central thematic concerns. Senator Sanchez had just 6 months and eleven days before he was to die.  The only thing he could think about day by day was his death to come, but his love for Laura Farina eased that thought of death constantly. And he did not want to die without her even though a scandal was spread throughout the public about him and Laura Farina. He wished to not die alone.

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2 thoughts on “Discussion Questions 14 — Devi; Marquez; Saadawi; Silko

  1. hkreutter

    I like the way that you described how what the stolen meat and Jell-O meant in the story. I also felt the same sort of mood when it came to the stolen beef. It was somewhat of an unnerving feeling. You did a great job on writing about Death Constant Beyond Love as well. It was interesting to read and I most definitely agree with you. Great job and nice pictures as well. One week left!! 🙂

  2. amymgauger

    I like how you pointed out that while the audience was clapping for Leila her father felt proud to say he was her father, but once the crowd began talking, he felt it was better that they both die. I thought it was interesting that his feelings swayed so much based on what the people’s actions around him.

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