DQ 13

1. The relationship between Gregor and his family is one of Gregor’s family living off of him. This is what stresses his relationship between him and his father and mother. His relationship with his father is especially stressed due to this because he knows that if his father was supporting the family instead of him he could leave. It is also what drives him to be close with his sister because he knows that she does not view him as a source of labour.

2. The first central event of the Metamorphoses is when Gregor changes. This signifies the change of the system of the family as a whole preventing the continuation of what was going and forcing them to adapt. The second event covers the adaption to the new situation in their lives all of the family members trying to find out how they are going to keep on living. Going into how it seems that everything is getting better until when the sister and mother try to improve Gregor’s room instead freak him out. causing him to run around the house and leading his father to beat him back into his room. The third event is when the family is forced to take on tenets and bring other people in their lives and further adaptation which drives them to make choices that benefit only themselves due to a lack of resources. Finally leading to them realizing that they cannot go on the way that they have and must make still more changes. Gregor realizes this too and since he knows not how to do anything else that will still benefit his family, the only motivation that he has in the whole story, he dies.

3. I don’t think that Akhmatova’s Requiem lacks effectiveness depending on the audience. When it comes to Russians who lived through the same horrors that Akhmatova did it would speak to them reminding them of what they endured. It is also likely that anyone who descended from those same people or who knew about that time period would feel the same. When it comes to those who have no level of context to give Akhmatova’s work its likely that it carries very little meaning for them.

4. We should interpret the line command to be that even though we cannot know all of the dreams, knowledge, and achievements of the past. Still we are able to view part of it and that part can be glorious. With that glory that we can only imagine is what drives us to further greatness.

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  1. emrickrachel

    I agree that the shift in financial dependence is a main factor in the family growing away from Gregor and closer together without him. It’s as if because he cannot provide monetarily they do not see any use for him anymore and essentially leave him to rot on his own.

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