Discussion 13

Discussion 13

  1. Gregor and his family have a dysfunctional relationship. Gregor is the provider and has taken on the families debts. Gregor simply exists, he has no real happiness or goals outside of working and paying the bills. Gregor and his dad seem to have a very strained relationship. His dad appears to be almost resentful of Gregor. It seems like Gregor stepping up to provide for the family has invalidated his father’s position in life. Gregor does have hopes and dreams for his sister. He is trying to provide her some happiness that he does not have. His sister is also the one family member who tries to care for Gregor.
  2. When Gregor becomes a cockroach his family suddenly realizes they can no longer depend upon him for support. This causes them to start to pull together and find ways to provide for themselves. As each family member starts to earn money they start to grow stronger as Gregor is continually weakening.

When Gregor is seen by their tenants the family is united in their recognition of how much of a burden Gregor is to them.   The family is able to stand up to the tenants and run them off. They have come along was from relying on Gregor for everything, in fact Gregor now relies upon them for everything.

Gregor’s death is an immense relief to the family. They are free from the burden and can actually start living a normal life. They are more committed to each other and each has determined their role in the family.

  1. Akhmatova’s Requim came too late to be of any influence during Stalin’s time but it is still relevant to politics of today. Requim shows us the injustices of war and puts a visual on the pain and suffering it causes. Her words speak to us and remind us of what can happen with oppression and tyranny take over a country. While the influence of this poem would have been greater had it been published when Stalin was still in power the influence is still there.
  2. We should interpret the command at the end of Archaic Torso of Apollo as a call to live your life to the fullest. Go and find your happiness and be passionate about things.

4 thoughts on “Discussion 13

  1. Michaela

    I like how you interpreted how we should take Archaic Torso of Apollos command so simply. The influence of Akhatova’s poem will still remain because war still exists today. Nice job! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Jared

    I believe that Akhmatova’s poem is still influential because it reminds people of their past and brings perspective to future generations, especially in Russia. If it had been published while she was writing it, she probably would have been put to death. Her opinions and literature were obviously not valued by Russia’s government at that time.

  3. sbutler12

    I agree with your answer to the first question. I do not understand why they would treat Gregor so poorly even though he was the only one bringing in any money.

  4. sharissewatkins

    I think that the Gregor’s father was going through a mid-life crisis, I understand that losing your business is a huge life hurdle but he just completely quit. So like you said, he felt inadequate but then Gregor’s mother stopped cooking and they all started to depend on the only one left in their family with will power, Gregor. It also pointed out to me , like I said in my response, how deep love does or does not in this case go. They knew that giant bug was Gregor but they didn’t love him like they had before. In fact, they were so relieved to get rid of him. But you never know how to react until you are in the same predicament. Not that anyone here has a family member that will change into a giant cockroach anytime soon…


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