Flaubert; Baudelaire; Rimbaud; Tagore; Yeats

1. Is Felicite a saint or a simple-minded servant? Or is she both? Or is she neither? Outline your perspective of her character as compared to Mme. Aubain’s. How do they differ?

I believe that Felicite was just a simple-minded servant. She had a very good heart and loved Mme. Aubain’s children very much. She was very devoted to the children and nurtured them a lot. But she wasn’t the smartest person and was naive. Felicite wanted to show her feelings and almost had a yarn to be loved and she showed this constantly, where Mme. Aubain was the complete opposite. She was more independent and even though she loved her kids, she didn’t always have the best intentions for them. Mme Aubain was more abrupt and outspoken sometimes as well, were Felicite was soft spoken.

2. How are women imagined and characterized in the poems you read? What attitude is implied? Is it dual or contradictory? Does Baudelaire give similar weight to the description of men? What definitions of womanliness are depicted, affirmed, or criticized in his work?

Baudelaire is very contradictory with his writing. He talks about how beautiful women are, and describes them with such detail and beauty in his writing. But in the same sense he makes it seem as if he doesn’t like them. He describes younger women quietness, richness, and pleasure. But them went on to describe the older women “in your turn, will be rotten to’. So you would think that he would prefer men, but he goes on to talk about how weak minded they are.

3. How are Chidam and Chandara distinct from Rama and Sita?

Chidam and Chandara do not have a good relationship, they fight and are bitter all the time towards each other. Even when Chandara is headed to her death, Chidam does nothing to try and save her. Rama and SIta however, truly love each other. They support each other and are very dedicated to one another.

4. Pick a Yeat’s poem and discuss what it communicates to you and why.

I really liked the poem “When We Are Old” because it created a more clear picture in my mind. The poem talks about when you are older you will come to a point when you will reminisce about you and the life that you have had or that you wish you had, like the women in the story thinking past loves.

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  1. smaldonadodiaz

    I agree with you in that Baudelaire contradicts itself when he claims that woman are beautiful in one poem and then they are like a death corpse in another. I believe he may be talking about two different kind of woman, but who knows.

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