A Simple Heart

  1. Is Felicite a saint or a simple-minded servant? Or is she both? Or is she neither? Outline your perspective of her character as compared to Mme. Aubain’s. How do they differ?

Felicite is a diligent, if naïve, servant, with a natural capacity for love and kindness. I think she is simple-minded, and despite her hardships optimistic. As for a saint, I would say to an extent. As far as I know, sainthood just means retaining faith throughout your life, which in a way she does. I do not know if she fully understands the acts she copies with Virginie, but she retains qualities I would think associate with a devout Christian, including generosity, unconditional love, and goodwill. In comparison, MMe. Aubain is pragmatic. With a share of her own sufferings, she determinedly perseveres.

  1. How are Chidam and Chandara distinct from Rama and Sita?

Chidam and Chandara’s relationship is full of stubborn and selfish conflicts. At times they seem to love one another, which has no true foundation and is rather rooted in distrust and possessiveness. When they fight the outcome is bitterness. Rama and Sita do not fight, although there was the initially disagreement on Sita joining Rama in exile. Overall, their relationship is open and honest, each of them having a clear duty to follow.