Discussion 12

1- Felicite is a naive good person. Neither a saint nor simple minded. She has a limited reference for her knowledge of the world but she is aware of her place in it. She is comfortable in her station in life and doesn’t expect anything more. Felicite is able to genuinely love and care for others around her; in fact she seems to need someone to love. When she lost the people she loved she then turned her love to her parrot.

Mme. Aubain was a widow whose fortunes had fallen when her husband died. But she still viewed herself as someone above others. Her love was a more complex thing; it was only given to whom she thought it was supposed to be given to while Felicity loved those that touched her heart.

2-Baudelaire characterizes women as the tool of sin, they are temptresses He depicts a woman’s physical body and her sensuality as weapons a woman uses to snare males. While her outside might be beautiful to look at he characterizes her insides as stinking and festering. Baudelaire depicts men who are turned from the right path by the wiles of women. He seems to think that man would more virtuous and righteous if women were not here to tempt him. While I do not agree with his message and thoughts I do find myself drawn into his work. His imagery is bold, dark and very powerful.

3-Rama and Sita are a more selfless couple. They strive to always do right and be honorable and just. Chidam and Chandara are more self-involved and are more concerned about doing what they think is best for themselves. Chidam will tell lies and manipulate others to get what he wants without regard to others feelings. Chandara gives up her life just to make her husband pay.

4-Leda and the Swan by Yeats is a terrifying poem. The young girl held down by great wings and her neck held by the bill of a bird. The bird is a beautiful swan but it has an ugly beast inside it. These are terrifying images of a great beast raping a young girl. You can almost feel her terror and helplessness in the imagery Yeats describes. This poem lets us know not to be deceived by the outer appearance of someone because you never know the real beast that may be lurking inside.

3 thoughts on “Discussion 12

  1. sharissewatkins

    Wow that is a terrifying poem and it has to make you think what goes through the minds of people in order to write things like this. Just painting the picture in my mind of a large swan creature raping a little girl is horrible, but it really gets the message he wanted through. I really like the story of a the Simple Heart because after I read the question, I like to for what I am trying to focus on in the story, a lot of it being Felicite’s character. However, it made me feel sorry for her almost. Because she gave her heart so much time after time to suffer loss after loss. I just feel like that made her a saint.

  2. Mary Filbin

    I find it amazing how two people who go through the same events can have such different views. I liked Felicite’s simple way to love others. Your retelling of the poem was very vivid -wow it made me think of it in a new light. Thank you!

  3. swhoke

    I like you description of Felicite, I felt she was a bit simple but I like how you reference the lack of experience in the world she lives. Great post I enjoyed reading it.

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