Week 11

1. Is Tartuffe in fact anti-religious, or does it only attack corruptions of religion?

I do not believe that Tartuffe is anti-religious, I believe that the play is anti-hypocrisy and attacks the corruptions of religion. Tartuffe was a hypocrite, and he used his false faith to win over Orgon, also  while trying to seduce Orgon’s wife. Tartuffe is an used to show how people can manipulate and abuse people by lying and hypocrisy with faith and religion. Which when these lies are found, people look badly not only on the person but on the religion itself.

2. In what respects is Hugo’s Satan a heroic figure? How does Hugo’s account differ from Dante’s?

I do not think that Hugo’s Satan is a heroic figure, Satan was fighting with God so that he could overtake and gain the ultimate power. He was willing to give up everything for God’s power. After Satan is thrown to Hell, he then wanted nothing more than to inflict pain onto people and to God.

Hugo’s story differs from Dante’s in a couple different aspects. Hugo explains that Hell is just a vast dark and lonely land, where as Hell is Dantes are levels, levels that have people living out their sins for all of eternity . Dante’s Satan also was forever frozen  in the ninth level  chewing up the traitors, were with Hugo’s Satan, he was free to fly about Hell. Last Dante’s Satan cries for his punishments, were Hugo’s Satan is angry with God.

3. Discuss and compare the images in any two poems assigned for this week.

 I compared the poems “A Pine is Standing Lonely” by Heine and “The Infinite”. Both the poems talk about solitude, but from a positive perspective They both have a want to be somewhere new, different and go over how they can get there. In “A Pine” it is a poem about wanting to be somewhere new area. A want to be somewhere warm with sun.  In “Infinite” the writer talks about a man that yearns to go out and venture, with endless daydreaming and boundless areas.

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  1. sehoyos

    I thought Hugo portrayed Satan in a different manner. It did not seem that Satan wanted to inflict pain; his words and actions created evils in the world but it did not seem intentional, just an affect. As the poem continues, he seems fearful and regretful.

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