Week 11 Tartuffe and Romanticism

1.  Is Tartuffe in fact anti-religious, or does it only attack corruptions of religion?

I do not think Tartuffe is anti-religious however, I do believe his genuine comedy is in fact sarcasm with a negative connotation towards the church and some of its leaders.  I think much like today’s writings where the writers mock political figures in their writings, Moliere is mocking the Church and its political leaders through his writing.  This was also during a time when the church was taking on a lot of heat from people so I think Moliere through this into his writing so he could connect to people and make them laugh. I do not believe he is anti-religious

2.  In what respects is Hugo’s Satan a heroic figure? How does Hugo’s account differ from Dante’s?

Hugo’s Satan is displayed as a heroic figure more so because his story is told from the transformation of an angel into the devil we recognize today. Readers are exposed to a different side of Satan that we may be able to recognize more as he is given more human like characteristics and we are told of his journey to being sentenced to hell.  In Dante’s account, we are told of his stories after he has been sentenced to hell and all of the evil he creates down there.  Readers are also exposed to a darker description of Satan and more evil characteristics given to his physical description.

3. Discuss and compare the images in any two poems assigned this week

I am comparing Leopardi’s “The Infinite” and Heinrich Heine’s “A Pine is Standing Lonely”.  Both of these poems kind of talk about peace within people but they have different views.  In The Infinite, being alone with ones inner thoughts is described as the most peaceful place a human can be. In A Pine Standing Lonely, being alone or separated is described as something that is not good and that it is a way to make people lonely and unhappy.

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  1. veyjustin

    I agree with you that Tartuffe’s play was full of sarcasm the whole time. It was definitely stabs to the churches.

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