Petrarch; Machiavelli; Native America; De La Cruz

1. Granted that Machiavelli’s own historical context is remote, how far does his pattern of contrasts between political ideals and concrete realities apply today?

One of the biggest thing to take from this is the use of fear as power. Being feared is what holds weight. This concept from Machiavelli, is still current today, all around us. Fear is a primary reason people do the things they do. A great example is the current gun debates going on today, there is a fear pitch on both sides. One side is using fear that having guns will cause more accidents and school shooting and so forth, meanwhile the other side of the debate, wants guns because the fear of not having guns and being vulnerable to many things. Fear is the root of the topic, just like with Machiavelli’s uses fear to employ power. That tactic is still widely used today in our government.

2. Sister Juana de la Cruz cuts off her hair to force herself to learn more quickly, although she knows that among young women, “the natural adornment of one’s hair is held in such high esteem.’ Finally, she enters the convent (where woman had their heads shorn). What other works have you read that emphasize the importance of a woman’s hair? Why does it seem to have so much symbolic value in such a range of cultures and times?

I am not too deeply versed in why the hair of woman is of such importance throughout history. However, I do know that in the bible in Corinthians I believe it mentions about woman having a lot of hair it is glorious (something along those lines). Also in Muslim culture, the women keep their hair covered, more so it wasn’t until the last twenty years ago, when women started cutting their hair really short. From what I understand, is a woman’s hair is very important and has a sexual image, which is why I believe they cover their hair in some places. Rapunzel is the only story I can really think of that has anything to do with a woman’s hair, where her hair used for a ladder, that doesn’t really have anything to do with this topic.

3. Bear in mind that the Aztec warrior’s highest duty is to bring home live captives for sacrifice. Give the Song for Admonishing a careful reading and decide–without researching the entire Cantares Mexicanos–what possible meaning might be assigned to the figurative terms “flower’ and “song.’

I believe that the song is being used a form of praise and prayer to the gods for battle and for the sacrifice of the captured. Flowers are possibly used for battle to represent power or how great of a warrior one is.

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  1. smaldonadodiaz

    I agree in that fear is still the method used by the government today as a means of power, cause they have nothing else to offer. Good job.

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