Petrarch, Machiavelli, Native America, and De La Cruz

1. ¬†I think that Machiavelli’s contrasts apply a lot to today’s politics. In a democratic society, it is quite evident that politicians run on ideals and make promises to the population that are very idealistic. These promises correspond to the way voters think governments should operate and often fail to consider how they actually do and the reality of their shortcomings.

2. Women’s hair is associated with beauty. However, it is an external beauty that is set on ¬†attracting those around them. Hair is a way that women adorn themselves, either with accessories or by styling it with braids or other things. Because De La Cruz cuts her hair, she is turning her back to what the world views as important and beautiful, in order to pursue a more personal beauty. Hair has such a symbolic value across cultures, because it is something that all people can relate to. And because all women know the hassle of having long hair and caring for it, it is viewed as more precious and coveted.

3. In the Canteras Mexicanos, the flower is a figure for the heart and the song is a figure for the blood. The flowers are said to be necklaces for bravery and trophies. The flowers are also said to belong to the Ever Present, and the hearts were presented to him during sacrifices. The song is said to be “drizzling down incessantly beside the drum,” which could mean the heartbeat sounding like a drum.