Machiavelli, long hair, and flowers

  1. I think that Machiavelli’s pattern of contrasts between political ideals and realities apply today. He thought that the best kind of ruler was one that was what I think of as being a perfect type of person to lead a society. However he also talks about how it is nearly impossible to find someone with all the characteristics of being the perfect leader. I think that people today definitely want to believe and expect for every leader to be perfect and get everything done they say they will, and never do anything that others don’t agree with. However, at the same time people are people and that means that every leader is not going to meet the expectations of every person.
  2. I have not read many important works that place importance on woman’s hair but growing up with two younger sisters I did read fairytales and such where hair was of emphasis. In many Disney movies and books the princess most always has long hair. At the most basic level in most cultures long hair is symbolic to being a woman. Also most women know that the healthier you are and keep your hair to be, the longer it gets. So that being said it is also a symbol of living a healthy lifestyle, it shows that your body is being properly nourished.

  3. I had a hard time deciphering what “flower’ and “song’ meant in the song. I think that the flowers represent the warriors because in the song it says, “Sacred flowers of the dawn are blooming in the rainy place of flowers…’ To me this line gives a hint that the flowers symbolize the men getting ready to go to battle and this is why I said I think that’s what the term “flower’ means. I think that the term “song” symbolizes the battle that the warriors are getting ready for.

2 thoughts on “Machiavelli, long hair, and flowers

  1. veyjustin

    I like your take on question 3 about how the song and flowers represents them about to head into battle, I personally took it as the sacrifices that were held AFTER the battle.

  2. jwmaring

    After reading the question, I could not think of any particular reading which goes into detail about women’s hair. My thought however immediately went toward a more Disney oriented frame of thought, and because I have a daughter who likes Rapunzel, that character was all that I could really think of.

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