Lesson 10

  1. I believe that at its core politics doesn’t change much, and for that reason I believe that a lot of Machiavelli’s texts do apply to today’s politicians. When power and influence is at stake I believe a lot of human nature takes over. Machiavelli gives examples of this in his chapter of ‘Why Men Are Praised or Blamed.’ He talks about how a prince with only good qualities is desired, but due to the human nature it’s simply not possible. So a good prince should ‘hide’ his vices from the public to retain authority. I feel like this is reflected in politics quite often. Politicians paint a portrait of themselves for people to see but when we get behind these ads often the real picture has been skewed.
  2. I believe this has such symbolic value because it doesn’t seem to matter what culture you’re a part of; it’s generally accepted that men have short hair and woman have longer hair. Everyone understands this symbol as an attack on the status quo. Sister Juana cuts her fair in prudence to show that she is dedicated to learn more, and to learn it faster, then any man. I can’t think of many works that I have read that have dealt with woman’s hair, but I’m reminded of the musical ‘Hair’ when thinking about this. It’s the 70’s and hippies are being ridiculed and criticized for letting their hair grow long, like a woman’s. To the same affect these ‘hippies’ are growing their hair out as symbolic attack on the status quo. They don’t believe what society is telling them, and stand out to show they don’t believe in the current status quo being set by our culture.
  3. I believe in this story the song is the upcoming battle the warriors are about to participate in. I really understood the flowers to be the people of the tribe that they want to take captive for sacrifice. To me it’s as if the Mayans are comparing battle stealing a bouquet from your neighbor’s flower garden for your sweetheart. Referring to the princes as being poor I believe this is really a type of trash talk, the reader doesn’t believe the other prince has the power to protect his people from coming battle.

2 thoughts on “Lesson 10

  1. smaldonadodiaz

    I agree with you in that the hair is seen in culture as roles in society, in how a woman and a man should act or be. Cutting their hair could be a symbol of renouncing to those roles. Good job.

  2. nelsoncrockett

    Good point on one I agree that the picture that we are presented in politics is different than the one behind the curtain.

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