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Machiavelli may have lived centuries ago but his thoughts on political ideals and concrete realities still apply in our own political world today. While Machiavelli wrote of princes and monarchies  his writing may have very well been about the senators, congressmen, governors ,presidents, and really any ruling person of today.

Every election time we see the ads that are not about what is good for the people but what someone else is doing wrong. These negative ads do not come from a morally good place they come from Machiavelli’s virtu. Machiavelli uses virtu to describe the range of personal qualities (good and bad) that a person will use to acquire or maintain his place of power.


The bible has several passages that discuss women’s hair. In 1 Corinthians 11:5 it says “And every woman, who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered, dishonors her head; for she in on a level with her whose head is shaven: and 1Corinthians11:15 says “But for a woman, if her hair is abundant, it is a glory for her’.

For many Native American tribes hair is significant. Their hair is often thought to be the strength of their spirit and is a powerful symbol to them. The only time they would cut their hair is when they were in mourning. In many other cultures long hair on women was a sign of prominence or status. Long hair that was loose was also a way some cultures signified young unmarried women. Slaves often had their hair shorn as a sign of their inferior status. Hair has long been an outward sign of religious, social, and economical status.


I believe that the flowers signify those who have passed on, particularly warriors who had died in battle. They were honorable courageous souls that would be deemed beautiful. Songs are an integral part of Native American lives and I believe the songs in this passage are prayers. As they prepared for battle they were praying for guidance and protection and if they should fall they are reunited with those who have gone before them.

5 thoughts on “Discussion 10

  1. amymgauger

    Love, love, love the video! It’s really interesting to see how the modern Aztecs can pull their culture into modern times – an ancient dance next to a parking lot full of cars. Well done!

  2. hkreutter

    I like the way you explain all of your answers. I think that you did a really good job. I agree with you that today’s politicians have qualities that Machiavelli describes in The Prince. I also really like the video!! I think that you did a great job finding a video that ties in with what we learned this lesson.

  3. Mary Filbin

    I love how you incorporated the Native American culture into your answer. I am amazed at how much significance hair has in so many if not all cultures throughout time. Wonderful video!

  4. Michaela

    Great job including the symbolism of hair in the Native American culture. A great example and explanation of the significance of hair in their culture that I was unaware of!

  5. sharissewatkins

    You have so many comments, I try to gravitate towards those that don’t have as many so they too can receive feedback however…I can also see why you do. I loved the video you share and anything of the Native American culture just speaks to me. And of course , virtu is used. We have to as humans when we are in competition find a way to defeat who we see as the weakest link. In which case, most times ends up being something like, “Bob can’t do this. I lowered unemployment and make blah blah legal.” I have never been one for politics. 🙂

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