Discussion 9- DeFrance; Decameron

  1. The Tenth Story of the Tenth Day: Why is Griselda being tested?

In the Tenth Story of the Tenth Day Griselda is tested by the King I believe to ensure her utter loyalty to him no matter what actions he takes against her. He tormented her and berated her, took her children from her and made her life a living hell, all so that in the end he would know she was in fact a subservient, faithful wife.  In the end the King would know that she was the women she had seemed to be at the time of their marriage.

  1. Compare the frame tales in the Decameron, and The Thousand and One Nights. In each case, what is the reason for telling stories? Do the stories accomplish the purpose for which they are intended? How important is the relationship between the tale and the teller?

Both the tales of Thousand and One Nights as well as the ones in the Decameron are told as distractions from the real world, to escape painful and horrible truths. In the Decameron the stories are told to distract from the dark and hideous death that the black plague had caused, While the stories in The Thousand and One Nights were told to keep the King distracted and entertained so he would not kill his wife. In this light both tales used the stories to distract from death, and such to preserve life. How each teller relates to the story told influences the “meaning” of the story.

"Die Pest in Epiros" ("The Plague in Epirus") a copper engraving by Pierre Mignard (1610-1665) depicts a bubonic plague epidemic.

“Die Pest in Epiros” (“The Plague in Epirus”) a copper engraving by Pierre Mignard (1610-1665) depicts a bubonic plague epidemic.

  1. In Laustic, what does the nightingale symbolize? Explain your answer.

In Laustic the nightingale symbolizes many things; escape from a life unwanted, love that can never be, and secrecy of that forbidden love.  The Lady loves the knight next door and he loves her although he knows she is married to another, the nightingale signifies their love and the secrecy it must keep. The lady is unhappy with her current situation and wants to be free of her husband, who for him the nightingale signifies distrust and deceit.

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  1. Victoria Adams

    I wonder what would happen if in todays society people tested their spouses like Griselda was tested…

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