DeFrance ;Decameron

  1. In the tenth story of the tenth day, I find Gualtieri treated Griselda poorly. Gaultier did this to test her patience. He knew that he was a “hot head’ so to speak. He wanted to make sure that she could withstand his antics because he knew what he would put her through so testing her was the best way to see what kind of patience she really had.
  2. When comparing these two stories there are two different reasons for each tale. They seem to start building up into more and more stories. When the Black Plague was just coming around the in the Decamoron story the people where told to flee to the hills to escape the plague. Struggling through life and death seemed to be the theme of this story. This story is told in the eyes of a women which sets off the vibe that women are more adaptable to harmful situations than men which was not right for the time frame of the story. In “The Thousand and One Nights,’ I find that it is the opposite. Women are not to be treated with any respect what so ever until death is warded off in the process of the story. I feel that the tone of this story showed a better picture of the women in that day and age.
  3. It symbolizes the love between two people, a wife and a knight. When good things come she knows that it is okay to be with him but when bad things arise she is quick to determine that their love can be no more.