My Journey with Dante


Dante learned how strict and structured Hell was and, by extension, all of the things he needed to avoid doing in order not to land himself in any of the levels of Hell. I learned that the more specific and literal religious literature gets, the more outrageous it seems to me. I learned that I have a particular dislike of religions that have punitive measures built into their systems. It seems an unfairly harsh way of looking at humans, who most religions admit are inherently flawed. Are most of us really going to Hell? Because based on the system laid out in Dante’s Inferno, it would be very hard to avoid getting sent there.

2 thoughts on “My Journey with Dante

  1. emrickrachel

    I think this book makes it clear that Dante believed in a works-based salvation. He believed that those that do wrong were sent to Hell and those who do right were sent to Heaven. This is a common belief among many people. But what I find interesting is that many Christians believe in a faith based salvation, which would get rid of the need for layers, because there is only one way that people are judged instead of keeping track of every right and wrong done.

  2. Josh

    I like you last comment, according to Dante’s story I also find it tough to believe that with the world we live in today that many people will go to heaven. But i also feel that it is tough to decipher what is now considered right and wrong for some people.

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