I think that Dante learned a lot throughout his journey. He started this journey in the worst place, Hell. He finds out the consequences of living life with sins. Living a sinful life you will find yourself in hell suffering punishment for the different sins that have been committed. I found that Dante learned a new way of life through his journey through the nine stages of hell. He came to realize that the price of living well was far better than the pain of hell. I can’t say that I learned a whole lot more than I had already known. Sometimes I find it hard to think about the life ever after because of all the possibilities in this world but I guess living a sinful life and being a good human being will determine your destiny.

One thought on “Inferno

  1. jwmaring

    I am with you Josh. I went to church today, and the message of today’s sermon was the divide between pleasing God and pleasing one’s neighbor. Some will say it is better to do more of one than the other, but most will probably agree that it is necessary to find a balance somewhere in between. Finding where that balance is in-between is the nature of many of our daily struggles.

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