I think that Dante learned a lot throughout his journey through hell, the main point being sin. In his journey through hell, he discovered all the terrible ways someone who has sinned will live the rest of their time. All the different types of suffering that go with the type of live that you lived and what sins you committed with the nine levels creates a fear for Dante that he has to think about and change the way that he lives the rest of his life. Dante came out with a new outlook on life, that is for sure. For me, I did not learn anything that I didn’t already know. I saw that this story creates a fear of hell for Dante that influences him to live differently then before. Which it should, no one should want to live a life full of sin and end up in hell.

One thought on “Inferno

  1. megkwag

    I agree! Dante’s journey created a “fresh start”. He is now able to change the way he lives his life.

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