Dante’s learning

I think that on Dante’s journey through Hell he learned that there is more to Hell then just fire and bad people. There is an order to it and a system in how everything works there. The nine levels of hell categorize the people that end up there. On a more spiritual level he learned just how much every action you make in your life will affect you in the afterlife.



While reading about the journey I learned about the different levels of Hell, so I would say Dante’s learning and mine were similar. I always just thought of Hell as an unpleasant place where people committed the worst sins went after they died. Before the reading I hadn’t really thought about what would qualify as a “bad enough’ sin to get you sent to Hell. It brought up the question to me, “Does Heaven work the same way?’

3 thoughts on “Dante’s learning

  1. jwmaring

    I absolutely agree with your assessment from Inferno that Hell is a place with an order and hierarchy based according to the level of ones’ sins in ordinary life. I don’t know that I necessarily agree entirely with Dante, but I agree that what you said about the work is true.

  2. sxkristoffersen

    I agree, the story gave a more complex image of hell and present nine more broad sins to be carful of doing.

  3. swtrinchet

    I’m interested in what you mean by your question about Heaven. Are you pondering whether Heaven is also separated into levels of goodness or good deeds?

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