Dante’s Inferno

1. On his journey through hell, Dante learns a lot of small pieces of advice but the main idea of what he learns in the story is that sinning and not repenting will lead to consequences and in this case, Hell. Dante’s journey brings him through how Hell works basically by seeing the different levels in the circle of Hell.  He learns that the inhabitants of Hell are put in a level by the judge on basis of their worst sin while alive.  Examples of this are shown when Dante is brought through the first level which is titled Limbo for those who did not take a side neither good nor evil.  He is taken through the next couple levels of lust, greed and wrath.  Dante then starts in on the deeper levels of Hell for the more devastating sins such a violence and treason to Christ. After going through the final level of Hell, Dante walks back out the trail to go back to earth.  Dante sees the horrifying images of Hell and knows that he really doesn’t want any part of it.

As for what I learned in the story it was like a lot of sinful stories I have heard before.  When reading the story of Dante I couldn’t help but think that some of the sins that happened in the story, I either see or am part of.  I think this is more related to the old testament than today’s Christ because God is the ultimate in forgiveness and he knows that we will sin but if we ask for repentance and forgiveness, he will allow us into heaven.  I think the idea of Hell is for those who do not accept Christ into their lives and are then judged on what level of Hell they will be sent to.  This story did not really affect my beliefs or where I stand but it was a good reminder that we all have a choice to make.



2 thoughts on “Dante’s Inferno

  1. smaldonadodiaz

    I agree with you in that the story is a good reminder of the choices one has to make in life and the consequences that can bring with them. I think some of the punishments can be truly a representation of the characteristics of the sin, and although life is more gray than white and black, it makes you reflect in possible moral implications that one has caused to others, including to ourselves. Good job, is a good reflection.

  2. vradams

    Likewise, the Inferno definitely was a good reminder of what one my think is right and wrong, moral and immoral.

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