1. What do you think Dante learned on his journey through Hell? How does it differ from what you learned while reading about the journey?

I think what Dante learned during his journey through hell was that he was finally able to see Gods justice and why God did what he did. During his journey through Hell he was able to see the difference in how people were punished for their crimes. Virgil and Dante made their way through the different circles and seeing this Dante realized that he had to change his ways and get back on a better path of life. The poem talks about pilgrim’s, which is exactly what Dante did; he took a journey to a land for religious reasons and he was able to see a new light at the end.

I have read about the story Dante before, and growing up with a religious background I understood the story. Sometimes you stray away from God and you go down a path that isn’t the best. Sometimes on this rough path you need to experience the ¬†worst in order to appreciate what you had in order to get back to who you were.

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  1. Victoria Adams

    I think Dante’s walk through was a wake up call. Sometimes, as you said, people need an experience of hardship and trail to give them a wake up call.

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