Dante’s Learnings

Perspective LeavesEvery day in life it seems as though we as humans learn at least one new thing. While we are growing kids we learn multiple new things each day. Even though not all of the things that each and every one of us learns are learned in the exact same way it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is wrong. While Dante learned one thing on his journey through Hell and had his own sort of interpretation, I also learned something during reading about his journey. They don’t necessarily line up the exact same but it doesn’t mean that either Dante’s learnings or mine are wrong. It really just means that each and every one of us has a different perspective when learning about something new.

DanteWhile I enjoyed reading this tale very much, I find it hard to really describe exactly what Dante learned on his journey. I feel that the main things that he learned were how terrible these sinners would suffer once they got to Hell. He learns how unfair life after death can really be too, according to his beliefs of what Hell is like. In the beginning of the story he seems to have lost his way and while he tries to move forward into the light, and kind of metaphorically repent, he is pushed back into the darkness by three beasts. That whole beginning seems to have an alternative meaning. The perspective that I see is that Dante is beginning by emerging from the dark, which could be seen as the sins he has committed in life. He is trying to reach the light and that could be seen as repenting. However, these sins seem to just pull him back which is where the beasts come in, driving him back into the darkness. So when he took that journey through Hell with Virgil that seems to have shown him what could happen to him if he didn’t escape the path he was on in life. It never said if or what Dante actually did that was bad and made him deserve this journey through Hell, but it must have been something quite bad.   But he was worth saving apparently because Beatrice came to help by sending Virgil to take him on this journey. That is so wonderful that Dante has an angel looking out for him. I think that most of what I perceive Dante learning lines up with what I learned. While there are some things about Hell that I find it difficult to fathom, such as how many levels there are and the order in which these levels go, that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t somehow be wrong though. But I think that from him seeing and learning about such terrible fates for these souls that it would help him and anyone else out of the bad path of their life. So I think that overall the message that I thought Dante learned was the same thing that I learned, just in a different perspective.

StarsWhile I’m not truly sure what to expect when I die and I expect that plenty other people aren’t either, I can hope that I would not go to such a terrible place as described in this tale. I hope to never find out what Hell is truly like. I feel that if everyone lives their life to the fullest and does the best that they can, by doing good then it shouldn’t be a problem to get into Heaven. I’m glad that we had the chance to read this tale though, it was very interesting and really made me think about things in a different perspective. Just like the above quote states it’s all about perspective.

5 thoughts on “Dante’s Learnings

  1. Mary Filbin

    I think it is great that you saw how the perspective is different for each person. We each have our own views which does not make the other person wrong, we each can see different sides of the same coin. I am not sure anyone knows what to expect after death, we all must walk our own path and take the journey just like Dante and face our fears and learn from life. I enjoy readings that make me think and give me a new way to look at an old situation.

  2. kjs93

    Your interpretation of the beginning of the story made me reevaluate it as well. I think its very possible that the beasts blocking his way did in fact symbolize his attempts to pull himself out of his sin, only to fall back into it again.

  3. amymgauger

    I never thought about WHY Dante actually started his journey to Hell, I just read the story. Good points!

  4. Michaela

    I agree with you 100% that if someone tries there best to be the best person they can be that heaven will most likely be waiting for them after wards.. I like your point mentioned on perspective.. I certainly gained another perspective as well..I did not put any thought into hell before this book until now, which I think it was good to get a visual on what hell might be like to really tell people how you want to be good and kind to others and not sin. Great Job!

  5. Jared

    I enjoyed your point on the beasts, which backed Dante off the mountain. The fact that you used the word beast actually caused a little bulb in my mind to flicker, which told me that these beasts could by like symbols of the dark sides of ourselves, which many people refer to as our inner demons or the beast inside us all. This instinct or negative side of our conscience always seems to lead on “down the mountain” or cause one to sin. Thank you for that remark. I also noticed your remark about people doing their best in life and how that should get them into Heaven. I read this as your hope, like Dante’s, that there is a Heaven for us after this life. I too hope that if we learn from our mistakes and experiences and do well in this life, that there is salvation. This belief that we have in our hope is the “Faith,” which I believe Dante finds in his journey.

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