1001 Nights

1. In general most people hold value in trust so when they think their trust with someone has broken they get angry. This is just what Shahrayar did, he got angry when he found out his wife was cheating. I think that underneath the macho male ego is truly frail. I think that in societies where men are expected to be the macho ones (between women and men) that (most) men spend so much time trying to act macho that when they get home the façade goes away and they are actually frail human beings. In relation to the story, I think that going through a problem, especially with your wife, and still having to be the king for a community of people would be very difficult. Being frail would not be an option and therefore at the end of the day it would be very likely that they would break down.

2.  In The Tale of the Merchant and His Wife the author uses animals that are males and seen as dominant. Thus, reinforcing the idea that is in the story, which is men are mighty and powerful and women should be quiet and do as they are told. This is different than the Merchant and the Demon because in the Merchant and the Demon the Demon is a woman and she “controls’ the men.

3. I think that most of the penalties dealt in Inferno were appropriate. I think that Hell is an ugly place and that people who get sent there did not just make a mistake or two, they did something(s) horribly wrong. There are some people who commit sins that are unforgivable and they should suffer more than just getting what they did to someone done to them. On the other hand there are a large sum of sins that people commit that they don’t need done back to them in order to understand what they did wrong or just simply be punished in that way for.

2 thoughts on “1001 Nights

  1. veyjustin

    I agree with you on question one. Trust is key and when you trust someone to be faithful it can break you and anger is an emotion that is used to mask the hurt

  2. geborgeson

    Really interesting about how not being frail wouldn’t be okay for a king. Interesting again to think that only his brothers suffering eases his pain, as if he had to see someone of equal status share in his agony before he could move on. And then to see his brother act even worse about it as he has no one he feels that can share in his pain.

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