The Ramayana; The Bhagavad-Gita

1.  As human beings, we tend to look to point out the things that need fixing, rather than pointing out the things that are done right.  In the instance of Rama, I would have to say that it is a little boring reading about someone who never does the wrong things. Well almost.  I can appreciate however and envy the fact that he was nearly a perfect human in instances that sometimes meant choosing a harder road to do the right thing.  I think one of the instances of this, showing that he must strive to be a perfect human, is when he made his wife, Sitka, prove that she was pure before he would take her back.  Another instance of his innateness was when he shows extreme emotion and sorrow when Sitka is taken from him.  These extreme emotions were shown in Rama’s mother, Kaushalya, when Rama was dethroned as she wept for him. To follow Hindu beliefs, she should have removed herself from all emotion though.  All in all, I think the acts of trying to live a “perfect” life make this book exciting in its own way in that, we as humans should always be striving to become a better person.

2. In comparison to Medea, these stories are almost completely different.  In Medea’s case, she is acting out of revenge towards her ex husband in the instance of killing her children.  Throughout the whole story she is pretty selfish, thinking and acting only of herself.  In the story of Arjun, he is torn between fighting and risk having to kill his family or not fight and go against his code as a soldier.  This is a very hard decision as there is a win and a loss to each side. The code in this story is similar to Rama’s case in that doing the right thing will make one closer to God spiritually.  I am still torn as to whether or not Arjun made the right in choice in fighting but I think that he was a valiant soldier and in the end it worked out for everyone I believe.

3 thoughts on “The Ramayana; The Bhagavad-Gita

  1. vradams

    I think it is definitely a part of human nature to take the path of least resistance… I think that that would be one of Ramas traits to admire is his ability to do the right thing to matter how difficult.

  2. megkwag

    I agree. We are all striving to be a perfect person and Rama’s is just showing this side of the human life. It doesn’t make him any less interesting, it just views him in a different light. I agree with your statement too about sometimes being perfect meant taking the harder road! I never looked at it in this way.

  3. veyjustin

    I completely agree with it being boring reading about someone who never strays off their path, always making the right decision and never going left.

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