Discussion 6

I think for someone to be a hero there doesn’t always have to be a journey. I do agree with our first lesson about the hero’s journey, I think that a hard journey and overcoming something makes you ‘also’ a hero. However, I think that even though Rama was a “perfect man’ he can still be a hero. My reasoning is that in order for someone to be a hero they have do something that that helps someone else in the end. An example would be maybe the X-men (any of the good ones). The X-men did nothing to earn any of the mutant powers, they just so happen to be born with them. Now some of them used their powers for fun, some for good and some used them for evil, but it’s the ones that used them to fight against the evil ones, are heroes. They are heroes because they used their ‘gifts’ or ‘powers’ to help protect humans they don’t even know. In my opinion that’s heroic. There for Rama can be heroic even though he didn’t follow the classic heroes journey. He was perfect and noble. I don’t think he needed a journey of failures and success to make him heroic, he did what was right and important, someone who can always do the right thing, someone who can choose the harder path because it’s what is right, that person is a life hero.

Well this answer is quite simple. I think Arjunes wasn’t as much afraid to fight, but afraid of making the wrong choice, whether to fight or not. He faced a dilemma whether or not to follow his warriors code or to follow is moral conscious, to not fight against family. Whether choosing to fight was the ‘right’ thing, he a hard spot to be in. However, Achillies was a coward that only fought for pride and revenge, I feel they are very different.

3 thoughts on “Discussion 6

  1. smaldonadodiaz

    I agree with you that a journey is not needed for a person to be a hero. Ultimately is how they behaved in the heroic act. I also liked the analogy with the X-man. Well done.

  2. veyjustin

    Your answer to question 1 was well thought out, I liked how you used the example of X-men in your answer and I couldn’t agree more with it, you can be heroic in a moment and it doesn’t require some kind of a journey.

  3. gpetrie

    I like that you said that you don’t need a journey to be considered a hero. I didn’t really think of it in that way at first and I think it’s a very interesting take on it. I also agree with you that you can be perfect and still be a hero because being a hero means making the world a better place, even if it’s small things you are doing.

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