The New Testament and The Koran


1.The Islamic perceptions of Heaven and Hell are much the same of the views of Christianity and Judaism. Christianity and Judaism put importance on belief in religion and repentance when you sin. Whereas, with the Islamic religion they put importance on those two things as well as the belief that you must do good things in order to make up for committing sins. Also the Islamic belief does not guarantee that you get into heaven even if you repent. In Christianity and Judaism you are guaranteed a place in heaven.


2.I think that the element of the virgin birth is the most prominent of the elements in the narratives that are culturally familiar to a pagan audience. The Greeks liked Jesus and his stories because they were very familiar with stories of people who were half human and half God.


  1. I think that the emphasis on human repentance changes the relationship with God because it shows that a person is really committed to the religion. I think that a person who never sins knows no different than that, but a person who has sinned and can identify that he/she did something wrong and then ask forgiveness is a very notable action. I think that in Gilgamesh and the Iliad the focus was on revenge and the God’s did not move the focus away from that and instead to forgiveness.