Islamic, Christianity, and Judaism all believe in a God, and a heaven and hell, and are sometimes grouped together as “Abrahamic Religions’ because of their references to Abraham in the Hebrew Bible. Islam and Christianity both believe that hell is a place for people who don’t accept God, or Allah into their lives, and that heaven is a place for morally righteous people who’ve accepted God and done good deeds. Judaism, however, believes Jesus was a false prophet, and they also believe in reincarnation, or in some regions of no afterlife at all, whereas in Islam and Christianity are eternal heaven/paradise.

Jesus was attractive in idea to the Greeks because of the similarity to the epics of the Iliad and Gilgamesh. Some of these guys were half-god, so the idea of a virgin birth was understandable to them. Also, Jesus follows a heroes journey, full of atonement and temptation and other traits very culturally familiar to the epics.

The Gods show up in the Iliad, and Gilgamesh. This emphasis on human repentance changes human relations with god in the way that if someone sins, it is not too late to accept God into their life. This created the demographic of followers and thus a more widespread belief. Enkidu created by a god to show Gilgamesh humility. Gilgamesh himself was created by the gods. In Homer’s Illiad, Gilgamesh, and the Odyssey, the gods all show up, yet these epics take place in real, nonfictional places, such as Troy(present day Turkey), and the Mediterranean, and Egypt. In the case of Gilgamesh, he was kind of a bad guy in the beginning, but Enkidu, created by a god, was sent to Gilgamesh to test him and also become his friend. Gilgamesh could then accept the gods if he wanted to, even after pillaging newly wedded women and killing people. Lots of unique relationships are presented in these epics.

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  1. emrickrachel

    Another difference I found in between the two Heavens is how one gets into them. In the Koran it says that all are around the fires of Hell and Allah delivers who fear him. In the Christian Heaven, one starts out at the gates of Heaven, but if they are not believers, then they are cast down into Hell. I found this concept to be interesting and very relevant. Just wanted to add to your answer. I do agree with your statement that both religions believe that Heaven is for the morally righteous and for those that believe in God.

    1. veyjustin

      I like your comparison between the religions. One thing I found as the main difference between them was how each religion decided how you got into heaven or hell. Almost seems Christian heaven is an easier entry.

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