The New Testament; The Koran

1. The Islamic Religion it is a process to make your way up to Heaven. The people of this religion must follow a certain set of procedures and stages to get into Heaven. These people believe that once they get to heaven everything in their life will be fulfilled. The different between Islamic and Christianity is the fact that the Christian people must first believe in God. In order to be blessed with eternal life one must live a faithful life. A person who is sinful their whole life and doesn’t believe in God will be sent to hell and have no eternal life.

2. In the New Testament, there are four different Gospels that tell the story of Jesus. Evidentially Christmas is the Nativity Scene set up to help Pagans transform into Christians. This time of year is made up of thankfulness, giving, and celebration of the rebirth. Then we go onto what is known as Easter. This is the celebration of Jesus’ rise from the dead.

3. In the Christian Religion, one of the most important things is sorrow and forgiveness. Without a doubt every single man is a sinner and must admit it to God for he and only he can forgive people for their sins. This is the gateway to Heaven, through Jesus and his forgiveness. As seen in the Iliad were tasks of good deeds creating a good relationship with God.

2 thoughts on “The New Testament; The Koran

  1. kjs93

    In your first point you seem to think that the faiths of Muslim and Christian believers are different, but you describe them in nearly the same way. I wish you had been more clear in stating how you believed they were different. I was interested in what you had to say.

  2. sharissewatkins

    I always thought this awkward, I remember being taught in Bible school that Christmas, celebrated as the birth of Jesus is even badly timed as Jesus was born in the spring not the winter. But this could also be the rebirth , being Easter that you talked about. It all gets really confusing because there are all so many stories that lead to in short, “Do the right thing and you’ll make it to Heaven.” And the way God and Jesus looks upon us. There are so many stories and man each put their own beliefs into what may have been original story that a lot of people clash .

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