Medea & Jobs

Medea was far and way a horrendous person, willingly killing her two kids should take the cake. To me she resembles someone like Satan. She is without a doubt not a hero in my eyes mainly for the soul reason of her disloyal act of killing her own children. She had many thoughts and plans of revenge on many people that makes this decision even easier to make. Looking at Achilles compared to Medea, I feel that they compare in some aspects but not all. Achilles may have done some selfish acts but they were generally in regards to protect his people. Achilles may have been a hero to his people because he was a tremendous warrior but a hero is someone who does good things for a group and I do not see that in Medea. She seems to be all about revenge and that’s not what hero’s are all about.

Job was a God obeying man. He was faithful to God even through all the events that Satan brought up. He believed in God and never lost faith in him. After many questions God reminds Jobs to never lose trust in him.  God then tells Jobs that everything he does is for a reason and everything he does must be done well because he is always watching. I believe that the dialogue is satisfactory, just like Jobs I feel that everything happens for a reason and keeping faith will only help you work through it.

3 thoughts on “Medea & Jobs

  1. smaldonadodiaz

    Good insight. I agree with you in that Medea was like Satan. I also laughed at the comment. A person who’s vengeance and jealously worked in their heart to the point that are willing to kill their children should never be considered a hero. I agree that God’s message to Job was that everything he does if for a reason, beyond the comprehension of the human being. I also believed that faith can help you get through difficult situations. Good job.

    1. jajawoods

      Good job Josh, I thought you had very good points in your answers. I agreed when you said that Medea was like satan. There was definitely no hero in any part of her character and she sure showed everything as to why that was.

      1. swtrinchet

        Josh, I will buy that Medea was not a hero, but I disagree with your statement that Achilles was heroic where she was not. Achilles killed far more people with his obsession with honor than she did with her obsession with revenge. Some of Achilles’s actions while not handing over Briseis could even be considered revenge against Agamemnon. I get that Medea’s actions were more viscerally disturbing – a woman killing her own children is awful beyond belief – but the actions against her were also more visceral. A man who she bore children for abandoned her and left her alone in a culture in which she could not function as a single mother. He ruined her life in a way that Agamemnon never came close to ruining Achilles’s.

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