Medea and Job

1. The beginnings of their journey through their stories seem quite similar. They are both treated unfairly, Medea is left for another woman, while Achilles had his “prize” taken away. They also both ┬ámade deals with themselves that if a particular thing went their way that they would help those that needed their intervention. Achilles’s deal was that is he was given gifts, then he would help the Greeks win the war. Medea made a deal with her ex that if his wife allowed her children to remain in the land they were living in, then all would be forgive. The last thing that the two characters have in common in ther plotlines is that they kill one of the people responsible for their hurt. For Medea that is the ew wife and for Achilles that would be Hector.

I would not consider Medea to be a hero in the sense of a hero being a person that brings hope and saves those in need of it. The only person that Medea helped was herself, although she did believe that her children were better off dying by her hand.

2. The reason that Job accepts God’s assertion is because Job was not asking the right question. He was asking the question on “why?” when he should have been asking what God was trying to teach him. It is impossible to refute the inconsequentiality of human knowledge when it is put against the infinite knowledge of God. Because of this is was not in Job’s abilities to comprehend God’s decisions and everything that underlies those decisions. Job was underestimating God’s greatness and questioning his wisdom. Another thing that Job gained from the experience besides a deeper understanding of who God is, is that he was motivated to pray and in turn grew spiritually. It was not up to Job whether to suffer or not, but it was up to him to put his complete, unaltered faith in God’s command.

I do find the end to this dialogue satisfactory, because, as a Christian, it is a good reminder that I am not ultimately in control, and when I am feeling helpless that is when I need to turn to God and give him all, even though that is when it is the hardest. It’s very hard to not misrepresent God and to see him as a being with flaws, but as Job is told, God is a being with infinite wisdom and understanding. This is such an easy thing to forget and Job is a great book to be reminded of that.