Medea and Job

I don’t think Medea is a hero because when she finds out her husband got married to another woman she doesn’t stay strong for her children. Instead, she freaks out and ends up killing them. I think that compared to Achilles they are similar in the way that they are both focused on getting themselves further or staying happy. They also are obviously not very considerate of other people’s feelings.


Even though Job did not like the answer or lack there of that God gave him, he accepted it because his whole life he had been faithful to God and he wasn’t going to stop just because it wasn’t the answer he was originally looking for. I think that Job was angry that bad things happened to him, because he felt like since he had followed all the “rules’ he believe he needed to in order for those things not to happen to him they still did. However, I think that after talking to God getting a response (period) is what made Job believe in his faith. I was satisfied with the end because I think it spoke highly of Job’s character that he accepted the answer God gave him, even though it wasn’t what he was looking for at first.

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  1. emrickrachel

    I agree that both Achilles and Medea are not considerate of others, but it comes out of pain that was inflicted on them unjustly. And I think what makes Achilles a hero and Medea not one is that Achilles was repentant in the end and wanted to make up for the unnecessary pain he caused those who were not part of his initial altercations. Medea on the other hand, was happy with herself and the way she killed her children just to hurt the father further.

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