Week 4- Medea and Job

1.  First off, I would just like to say that Medea was a terrible person.  The fact that she made the choice to kill her two kids when she could have taken them with her should speak for itself that she is not a hero.  Also, the fact the she was always plotting revenges to kill people and full of jealousy and envy are serious negatives when it comes to traits that define a hero.  When in comparison to Achilles, no I do not think that they compare.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think Achilles was a textbook good citizen, but at least he only harmed others when it was to protect people he loved and his city.  I do think Achilles was very arrogant but even he was able to work out his problems somewhat in the end.  Medea was so set on getting her revenge that it drew her to drastic actions such as killing her own children.  For this reason, I do not believe that she should be classified as a hero.

2.  Job had a very deep and meaningful faith and beliefs in God.  He was virtuous and always believed that God would carry out for him.  This is shown in the instance where he asks God for an explanation on the bad events happening in his life and he is not given an answer that he can accurately interpret.   Even though he is not able to get the new he wants, this does not alter or even really shake up Job’s faith.  He doesn’t ask for more because even though he is distraught, he still knows that God will come through.  He is satisfied about the events and how things ended up because he knows that God will provide for the for the righteous and he is given twice as much as he originally had.  I think the end of the story was satisfactory because I am a christian and I can understand this thinking.  I do not always think that I am as patient as Job was but I still try to have the same principles.  I liked that in the end, Job was rewarded for staying true to his faith.

2 thoughts on “Week 4- Medea and Job

  1. vradams

    Good insight Soren, I don’t think that Medea’s drastic actions are heroic at all.
    Also, Job is such a good example of someone who is incredibly devote and faithful to God. I can’t imagine going through what he did.

  2. smaldonadodiaz

    Good job. I agree with you too that Medea was a terrible person and that her actions do not portrayed a hero at all. I also agree that Job’s faith to God was what kept him waiting for God. I also think his faith was anchored in his love for God and not for his gifts.

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