1. Madea is a woman, but Euripides has presented her as a figure previously thought of as exclusively male–a hero. Analyze her character in the play with that of Achilles, and conclude with a judgement on whether or not you think Medea is a hero and why.

I do not think that Medea is a hero, killing your own children is a weak and ruthless thing to do. There is no reason for this, she could have easily taken her kids and fled. She was even banished because people were afraid of her. There is not one thing about her that makes her a hero, she is just a murder and a coward. When compared to Achilles, they have the same personality in they feel they are owed something and they act before thinking.

2. Job (in chapter 31) makes the claim that his life has been virtuous and devoted to the worship of God, and so he does not deserve the calamities that have fallen on him. He asks God for an answer, but the voice from the whirlwind does not deal with his question at all. Why does Job accept God’s assertion of divine power (42) and not press for an answer to his question? Why is he satisfied with what he is given? Do you find the end of the dialogue satisfactory?

Job had faith in God and continued to have faith in him even while Satan was casting hard events upon his life. Jobs does not question God because he himself could not answer any of Gods questions. God reminded him that he created everything and that even though he can not see God, he sees us so we must always do good and trust him.  I find the end of the dialogue satisfactory, I personally believe that if we keep faith and stay positive that everything work out, and this story shows that type of belief as well.

2 thoughts on “Medea

  1. gpetrie

    I totally agree with everything you say. I can not believe she killed her children and I also think that her and Achilles are similar. On top of them both acting before they think I think that they both think and care about themselves before they think about other people’s feeling and how their actions will effect those people.

  2. veyjustin

    I agree that there was definitely other routes that Medea could have taken instead of slaying her own children. It was a cowardly and selfish act. Something a hero would have never considered.

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