The Hebrew Bible: God and Job

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Hebrew BibleIn our lifetime’s we are all going to come across many things that we think we do not deserve to have happen to us. While these things can be big or small most of us usually work through it, sometimes with difficulty but we still do nonetheless. It is very likely that we will never have to make it through something as terrible and powerful as the situation that Job went through, but to some it may seem like it. Job went through such an ordeal with all of his animal herds being destroyed and his children all dying while having a dinner together. Most people would never be able to cope with a situation like that. It would most likely ultimately kill them as well.

Job and Friends

Job accepts God’s assertion of divine power because he realizes that nothing on Earth is as significant as God. He has created the human race and everything else that we know, so who is Job to question the person who has created all of that and knows all else? Once God gives Job a speech asking questions and somewhat demanding an answer, Job finds that he cannot answer any of those questions and replies “I see how little I am. I will not answer You,’ (147). That is why he does not press for an answer to his questions about his misfortune. He realizes that while he does run his life it is only to an extent, some things are beyond his power and now he has been humbled of that. That is why he then becomes satisfied with what he is given. He learns to be thankful for what you have and not to take it for granted because one day it could all be destroyed and disappear. Then once he learns this lesson he has good fortune returned to him once again.


I believe that overall the end of the dialogue was very satisfying. Job accepts what God tells him even though he doesn’t fully understand everything that he is told. I’m almost positive that everyone has blind faith in something whether it be believing in God and His will or just something that they are taking a chance on in life. So when God asked Job some difficult questions like “[h]ave you ever reached the depths of the sea and walked around there, exploring the abyss?’ (145) or “[c]an you thunder at the clouds so that a flood of water covers you?’ (146) and Job had no answers he realized what God wanted him to. I think that God wanted him to just believe in His will. Whatever happens, it happens for a reason, whether it be good or bad. That makes me think of the quote “God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers.’ I feel like Job is one of His toughest soldiers since he was dealt such a terrible hand yet he handled it with the most grace that anyone could in a situation like that. So sometimes I believe everyone just needs to have a little faith.


3 thoughts on “The Hebrew Bible: God and Job

  1. Michaela

    I thought it was great how you opened your post and really brought it into everybody’s life. Which its true we are going to experience tough times in our lives if you haven’t already. I like how you incorporated blind faith in there, which is exactly what Jobs was doing. What a good read, I really enjoyed it.

  2. Mary Filbin

    I like how much thought you put into the relationship between Job and God. I agree with your views. Wonderfully written. Question though…Where is question 1 about Madea? I would love to read your thoughts on that as well. Blessings.

  3. sehoyos

    You made a brief comment that Job realized that nothing on Earth is as significant as God. I think that is a really good point. In addition to the discussion of faith, all of the trials Job had faced are worldly things. It’s a reminder that the things you gain in this world are insignificant when compared to what you can gain by having faith and living by God. Obviously that does not mean your actions do not matter, but it’s how and what you live by, not what you can claim to have, that matter.

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