Late to the Party: an Introduction


My name is Sierra. I registered this week on account of a long and boring series of events involving work and plays. I’m happy to be here, though, because now instead of a math class, I get to take an English class! And here I thought I’d have to go another semester without getting to do that.

I’m jazzed about taking this particular course because after taking English 111 and 213, I branched off into film studies English classes, and even though I adored learning about Hitchcock and Lang, I felt like I was lacking context. I want to go back to the things that have brought us to this century and study those. Some of my favorite Lang films were based on ancient literary works. Our professor had to explain the source material to us, even though those sources were very influential. At the time I felt embarrassed to not be already well versed in them.

In this class I hope to explore the foundations of the literature I consume now. I especially want to discover new traditions and writers that I would like to explore more. I’m trying to find as many jumping-off points for myself as far as my world literature education as I can. I’m also interested in reading the supplemental works and looking at some literature that I’ve already consumed through a new lens.

Thank you, Jennifer Popa for you understanding. I’m excited to be a part of this class.

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