One of Gilgamesh’s calls to adventure is after Enkidu’s death. This makes Gilgamesh worried and he wants to find the secret to eternal life. The threshold guardians would be the two scorpions at the gate. He is then helped by the innkeeper and Ur-Shanabi. Gilgamesh then has a revelation as to his inability to live forever when he sleeps for a week. He is then given a flower, which he uses, and he has to accept that. He returns with a better understanding and acceptance of his mortality.

The first theme is seen in his unwillingness to accept death and the discomfort he gets from thinking about it.

I think that Gilgamesh’s journey was a success, because eternal life means nothing if it is nto spent well. As the story started out, Gilgamesh was not a good ruler and he was childish. By the end of the story he gained experiences which changed the way in which he viewed the world. If he had not lost the plant, Gilgamesh would have lived in constant dread of not being able to find another one and fearing death. However, by accepting death, he can now live better and not waste his time on inconsequential things.

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  1. Haley

    I agree with you. I believe that his journey is still a success as well. He came back as a better person than he was in the beginning I believe. People don’t always have to live forever to have eternal life either I think. At the end when it is placed on walls so people can read it for years and years to come, I believe that is a form of eternal life. Honestly, it is probably better than living forever. I think I would rather be remembered for something good that I did in my life forever, rather than be alive forever.

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