1. The story of Gilgamesh does contain some aspects of A Hero’s Journey. Gilgamesh left as a young immature man and came back as a mature man due to the obstacles he encountered. Granted he had some supernatural abilities Gilgamesh indeed learned many things from the path that he took. Lets take the death of Enkidu a friend of his that passed away. Gilgamesh faced the hard task of letting go and in turn it helped him find his place in search for eternal life.
  2. It is clear that the functions of mythology exist in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The characters throughout their journey find out who they are and what they are suppose to due, much like any other hero. We see this as Gilgamesh’s character grow throughout the journey and he finds himself questioning some of his actions along the way of his quest to find eternal life. When looking back at the story it is evident that the story was not just written for the journey but also for lessons in life, things that you will run into like death for example. Often times people will grow from the loss of a loved one just like Gilgamesh did.
  3. The journey of Gilgamesh’s was far and away a success in the fact that he grew as a person, he found who he was along the way. This was not one of my most favorite pieces of writing but it caught my interest and made me use the right tools to find the similarities from a Hero’s Journey.

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  1. emrickrachel

    This wasn’t my favorite writing, either, but it did exemplify the common themes between one of the first stories ever written to modern novels. I found that to be very fascinating.

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