A Hero’s Journey

  1. The films that first come to mind to follow the thread of The Hero’s Journey are the Lord  of the Rings trilogy. I believe these movies followed the Hero’s Journey to a T. Your hero Frodo Baggins is called to destroy the ring of Sauron, and is aided by the fellowship which includes Gimley, Legolas, Sam, Aragon, Gandolf, and so on. Frodo is faced with the temptation of the rings power which gets him into trouble throughout the journey. Frodo Eventually realizes his strength is through his courage which then transforms him into this dedicated carrier of an extremely large burden where nothing can stray him from his one task to destroy the ring. Towards the end of the film he destroys the ring and is rewarded with living in peace at his home in the shire. One of the scenes that match the step of supernatural aid and guardians is when Frodo is in the Elven kingdom and everyone is arguing over who will destroy the ring. Frodo Stands up saying that he will take on the burden and then everyone else contributes to the journey as his protectors.


  1. I believe current cinema meets the needs expressed in the four functions of mythology. There always has to be some sort of mystery in the movies to keep those that are watching the movies intrigued and processing and unraveling the mystery in their own minds as the movie plays through. The need for a picture of the universe in which human beings belong, the need for a picture of our society in which each person belongs and the need for a picture of our own psychology that helps the transitions of human life are always being portrayed in movies because those are what allow the viewer to relate themselves to the main character in the movies.

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