The Hero’s Journey in Lord of the Rings

A  series of films that I thought of which  follows the thread of The Hero’s Journey is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The formula was appropriated well, because the storyline moves in the usual way that viewers are used to seeing, without being blatantly obvious. The first theme of reconciliation of consciousness is seen in the beginning when the hero, Frodo, sees Bilbo acting strangely while writing and after his birthday party. Frodo is then called to the adventure of taking the ring to Mordor  by Gandalf. Once he leaves the known world of the Shire,  Frodo is given the help of the fellowship to help him through his many trials. The revelation happens at Mount Doom when Frodo is faced with the final act of throwing the ring into the fire. He dies when he chooses to walk away, but is rebirthed when Gollum and the ring are thrown down together. Atonement is achieved when the battle outside of Mordor is won by Gandalf, the fellowship, and the troops. And finally everyone returns hoe to their own land and Aragorn returns to his throne.

I don’t think that movies can meet human needs, but I think they can help in the process of discovering how to fulfill those needs. Movies are a form of art, and I believe that art is made to portray a part of the human condition. People view art to see a reflection of their own selves in the piece, albeit through mystery, belonging, or how to navigate  transitions.

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  1. veyjustin

    Lord of the rings was a good choice for question one, that was the first movie that popped into my head as well.

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