A Hero’s Journey

1. What movies can you recall–besides The Matrix, which was mentioned in the lecture notes–that follow the thread of The Hero’s Journey? When you cite your film, or films, be sure to judge whether or not you believe the general formula was appropriated well or poorly; and, moreover, describe a few scenes that match some of the stages of the journey, such as done in the video in the lecture notes.

When thinking of what movie I could relate to that follows the thread of The Hero’s Journey, I instantly thought of all Disney movies. Almost all Disney movies have the same theme, the main character is trying to achieve something, example: Mulan – trying to her dads approval and trying to find her place, Lion King – Simba trying to prove he is a good enough cub to his father, Little Mermaid – trying to be with the man she loves. I could go on about every Disney movie on how they are all Journeys.

I will discuss how Mulan is the journey of a Hero today. Mulan starts out with a girl that doesn’t feel she really fits in, especially after she makes a mess of things while trying to be a proper suitor for men. Mulans father then is summoned away due to war, and Mulan trying to save her fathers life and to win approval runs away to war.  This is the start, or the “Call to Adventure” of the story. Next Mulans ancestors call upon little MuSho the dragon to help Mulan upon this journey, the supernatural aid.

Mulan begins her transformation while at camp after she is kicked out because she was “not man enough”. Her helper MuSho provides inspiration and she works past her challenges. Leading to her revelation and surpassing her piers. The Transformation then happens once the others finds that she is a female, and kick her out, only for Mulan to come back and save the King and she is accepted.

The Return is when Mulan comes back from the war and her family is more than happy to have her home safe and sound and with a man now. I believe that this movie was appropriated well because it gave girls a good motivation that if you have a hard journey due to not fitting in well or not ready for a suitor its okay to try and venture out.

2. Do you believe current cinema either meets or fails to meet the human needs expressed in the four functions of mythology? Those needs would be: the need for mystery; the need for a picture of the universe in which human beings belong; the need for a picture of our society in which each person belongs; the need for a picture of our own psychology that helps with the transitions of a human life, from childhood to adulthood, from adulthood to death. Can movies meet any of these needs? Why or why not?

I believe that current cinema  somewhat meets the human needs. I feel that the current wants for movies are more important when it comes to making movies and that it was is being produced that the moment. Marvel movies meet the needs of the universe in which human beings belong. But other than that current cinema is meeting the wants of humans instead.