Jeffrey’s Much Belated Introduction

Hello to all. Most of you I assume are working on Lesson 1 by now. I imagine I will catch up with you there shortly. My name is Jeffrey Maring and I am a second year UAF accounting major. Just a little about me; I am 32 and am what someone might consider a non-traditional student. I am a prior service Army veteran and proud of my past accomplishments. I am now proud to be a full-time dad and full-time student, with ambitions  to one day become a proud full-time CPA.

I had to enroll late in this class because circumstances changed as far as being able to take one of my other classes, and rather than just get by on a reduced course load this semester I was able to take this class at the last possible minute. This class is a required class, but I am excited to be in it because I really need to brush op on my grammar, active voice writing, and especially my punctuation.

The great thing about this class is I will also be able to learn about different cultures while doing it. I already have personal experience in knowing just how significant being ignorant of foreign cultures can be from my overseas pursuits in the military. So I hope this class can be somewhat enlightening to me relative to any future practical, real life situations. Thanks for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it.