Introduction-Steven Hoke

Hello everyone,

My name is Steven Hoke I have spent the majority of my thirty years of life in Fairbanks, Alaska. I am currently a contracting Environmental Safety Technician, I am a little late to this “party” due to a unexpected schedule change in my career. I am taking this Eng200x World Literature course to complete core requirements that I should have done a long time ago as well as to learn to enjoy reading a bit more. I spent most of my childhood with a love for film and not words, though recently have found myself reading books that I had an interest in years ago but no interest or joy to begin reading.

My education thus far has been a bit of an adventure I took a 8 year break after my first year only to return and acquire my AAS in Occupational Safety and Health. After this achievement I decided I liked college and wanted to obtain a BS.

I am looking forward to this course and the reading.

One thought on “Introduction-Steven Hoke

  1. jwmaring

    Steven, I am glad I wasn’t the only one “late to this party” so to speak. I can also relate to your eight year break from school. Mine was a little like eight or nine years as well. I think it can be a little easier to focus now in some aspects of my education than it was then. But other aspects are more complicated, like paying bills, taking care of kids, and many other things. But it is probably going to be easier to do now than eight years from now. So I try and keep that in mind everyday. Good luck sir.

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