Introduction Post

Hey there everybody, my name is Soren Butler and I am a junior here at UAF. I’m from the small town of Casselton, North Dakota which is about twenty miles straight west of Fargo.  I grew up working on a ranch/farm where there are no hills or trees. Moving to Fairbanks has been quite the scenery shock!

I am a student athlete here at UAF and I compete on the rifle team. Go Nooks! I consider myself an avid hunter and fisherman and also enjoy playing and watching many other sports. College football and the MLB are among the favorites to watch where as golf, fly fishing, and bird hunting are my favorite hobbies to do.  I also love to travel.

As far as this class is concerned, I have taken a few English courses and I am excited to take this one as I enjoy online classes and I don’t mind reading intensive classes.  I have taken a class with Jennifer before and I must say she is very fun to work with. Here’s to a good semester everyone!


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  1. jajawoods

    Hey Soren, glad to see another student athlete here in this class. Looking forward to reading your posts and your thoughts throughout the class!

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