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Hey everyone,

I just got back from my caribou hunt, so sorry for cutting this entry close guys! Anyhow my name is Hunter Bomar. I moved to Alaska around 4 years ago from inland southern Florida when I turned 18, with no intent, just for fun. I somehow found my way to Fairbanks and started attending UAF. I currently am doing a Bachelors degree in Emergency Management    and am about 3 quarters of the way done with it. I work full time during the week as a firefighter and a medic. I do all my classes online, sadly 🙁 but they are still good and educational. Other stuff about me would be that I love sports, football being first. I hunt and fish any time I can. I do enjoy reading, when its convenient  for me (AKA not school).

I am in this class because simply its a core class. I hope  it will be fun and wont be dry and boring, cause that’s what I expect. Sorry no filter. Otherwise, I hope to learn a little about world literature  I suppose, also I would like to take something away from the class besides just 3 credits.

Here’s to a good semester!


Hunter Bomar

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  1. jwmaring

    I like how you mentioned in the first sentence that you just got back from hunting and then introduced yourself as Hunter. That is awesome Hunter!

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